The latest information on the AIPZ in Northern Ireland, effective from 12:00 (noon) on 28 November 2022

Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ)

The AIPZ introduced on the 17 October 2022 has been revoked and replaced with a revised AIPZ to include mandatory housing measures and a ban on certain bird gatherings effective from 12:00 (noon) on Monday 28 November 2022. 

The housing order legally requires all bird keepers, including owners of pet birds, commercial flocks, backyard and hobby flocks, to keep their birds indoors or otherwise separate from wild birds and is part of the AIPZ in Northern Ireland.

While it is vital that you comply with the housing order, excellent levels of biosecurity remain the most effective protection against an incursion of avian influenza, particulary over this higher risk winter period.

For further details, including the measures of the AIPZ, please see the declaration here.

Under the AIPZ certain bird gatherings are banned.  Please see here for further details. 

Please see our Biosecurity Checklist and Biosecurity Guidance to protect your flock. 

Please see our Guide to looking after Housed Birds for helpful tips and advice on looking after housed birds.

See DAERA Press Release for further information.

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