Agricultural Census in Northern Ireland

The Agricultural Census is conducted in June of each year. Data is collected on crop areas, livestock numbers and farm labour. Outputs include time series data and frequency distributions. Results are presented at regional and sub-regional level.

Administrative data is used from the APHIS cattle tracing system, the Northern Ireland Bird Register Update and the Annual Inventory of Pigs – all complete censuses.

Detailed report and data tables for Agricultural and Horticultural Census Northern Ireland for June 2023.

Further background information on the Quality and Methodology of this survey is available below.

Interactive maps showing the distribution of agricultural enterprises based on the Agricultural Census in Northern Ireland data can be accessed on the NISRA Data Portal Farm census maps.

DAERA is interested in your views on this Census Publication. Please use the questionnaire attached to supply us with any comments you may have.

Further information is available from Farm Surveys Branch :

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