DAERA produces statistical reports and economic information on agriculture, including results from the Agricultural Census and the Farm Business Survey. The statistics cover farm-gate prices, farm incomes and performance, crop areas and livestock numbers, farm structure, and agri-food processing sector performance.

Agricultural and market prices

Based on surveys, the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs provides price information for agricultural products in Northern Ireland. Current average prices for clean cattle and sheep and for breeding animals, as well as prices for pigs, broiler chickens, potatoes and cereals can be found in the 'agricultural market reports'.   Milk prices and pig financial results are available separately. Long-term trends in average annual prices for a range of agricultural products are also provided.

Farm Statistics - Agricultural Census, crops, livestock and labour numbers

The Agricultural Census, the December Agricultural survey and other surveys provide statistics on the number and type of farms, livestock and crop areas.  There is an extensive historical time-series.

Farm incomes and performance

Details of agricultural incomes, costs and revenues at both the sectoral and farm levels.  The headline incomes measures are Total income from farming (TIFF) at the sectoral level and Farm Business Income (FBI) at the farm level.

Headline measures

Sectoral level

Farm level

Agricultural inputs and outputs

Details of outputs of livestock products for Northern Ireland. Includes output quantities of the main agricultural products and sources of home-fed finished cattle. Also more current statistics on monthly milk production and utilisation data, as well as the Egg Packers Survey.

Agri-food processing sector performance

Sales, value added, profitability, exports and employment for each of the ten subsectors of the food and drinks processing sector in Northern Ireland.

Other agricultural research

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