Farmers and farm families in NI - Social Survey

A unique insight into a range of subjects related to the farming population in Northern Ireland has been provided by the Social Survey of Farmers and Farm Families, and this has enabled a greater understanding of the lives of those who live and depend, in part or in whole, on family farms.

This report provides an insight into their future plans, the skills they possess and their aspirations for the future. It scopes the demand for training for work both on and off-farm and how such training might best be delivered to suit those who work on farms. In addition it provides an understanding of the implications of the work of farming for both safety and health and presents comparisons of farmers’ health with that of other workers. This report contains analyses of the key issues but does not attempt to draw conclusions or indicate whether or not the results show a strength or a weakness in the industry. Such conclusions can be made by the users of the data.

Farmers and Farm Families in Northern Ireland - Social Survey

Schema for Electronically Based Questionnaire

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