Farm Business Improvement Scheme Capital Scheme (FBIS-C) Tier 2 Tranche 2

The Farm Business Improvement Scheme Capital Scheme (FBIS-C) Tranche 2 of Tier 2 closed for applications on 20 May 2022 at 4pm.

Tier 2 is for projects costing from £30,000 - unlimited (within the overall maximum grant limit of £250,000 available under the NI Rural Development Programme 2014-20) and is primarily for construction projects and the purchase of higher value equipment linked to the needs in the farmer’s business plan at 40% of eligible costs.

Only those who submitted an Expression of Interest will be eligible to submit a full application for Tier 2 Tranche 2.

Applicants to Tier 2 will be required to submit a separate robust, viable and sustainable business plan as part of their full application, which shows that they have carefully planned their investment and what difference the proposed project will make in transforming their farm into a more sustainable, efficient and safer business.

All projects which involve construction or extension of buildings will require planning permission or a Certificate of Lawful use/Development. Applicants who are awaiting planning approval must submit their planning reference within their business narrative upload on ESIF with their application by the closing date (4pm, 20 May 2022), and then submit evidence of planning approval to by 4pm on 30 June 2022. Projects that involve only equipment will be accepted, but any which would increase livestock capacity must have relevant planning approval in place as part of the overall project i.e. for the building in which the equipment would be installed.

In addition, support will not be provided for proposals (for either construction or equipment) which increase confinement of cattle (dairy or beef) i.e. which would lead to an increase in time housed and a decrease in the average number of days (including partial days) for cattle grazing outside. 

It is recommended that applicants read all the guidance information below prior to considering completion of the full application for Tier 2 Tranche 2.

Tier 2 Tranche 2 Explanatory Booklet

An explanatory booklet is available for reference to assist you in preparing your full application. You can access the Booklet here.

Tier 2 Tranche 2 Application Form and Guidance

The Tier 2 Tranche 2 application form is available through the following link:

A step by step guide to completing the online application can be accessed here.

Tier 2 Tranche 2 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A list of FAQs for Tier 2 Tranche 2 is available here.

Ineligible Items/Projects

Some items/areas will be ineligible for grant support through the Capital Scheme.  More information can be found here.

Tier 2 Tranche 2 Business Plan

The FBIS –C Tier 2 Business Plan comprises two parts:

  • The Business Plan Narrative (which describes key elements of your project and assumptions made) ; and
  • The Farm Business Planner (which sets out information on cash flows). 

The Business Plan Narrative template, online Farm Business Planner, and associated guidance for completion along with worked examples and cash flows are available here.

CAFRE Nutrient Calculators

Evidence of Nitrogen Loading and Manure Storage calculations before and after project completion for all projects must be uploaded as part of your application form

A fertilisation plan is also required if applying chemical fertiliser to grassland, high phosphorus (P) manures or digestate to any land.  Derogated farms must prepare and maintain a more comprehensive fertilisation plan. Where a fertilisation plan is required, you may be asked to provide a copy prior to approval/payment.

Further information on how to access and use the calculators is available here.

Further Resources

Possession of a valid DAERA Category 1 Farm Business ID

A Category 1 Farm Business ID is required for all applicants to the FBIS Capital Scheme.  Further information and details on how to apply for a DAERA Farm Business ID can be found here.

Completion of farm safety training and assessment certificate through the ‘Making it Safer’ self-assessment

All applicants to the Scheme must complete the ‘Making it Safer’ self-assessment certificate where the applicant will be required to answer questions relating to their own farm on Slurry, Animals, Falls and Equipment (SAFE).  This will need to be uploaded at application stage.

More information and the online tool can be found here.

Educational Attainment – Level II eligible qualifications

A list of eligible qualifications under the 'Educational Attainment' selection criterion for the Farm Business Improvement Scheme (FBIS) – Capital Scheme can be found here.

Indication of Support letter from Bank/lending institution

An Indication of Support letter will be required at application stage for the Farm Business Improvement Scheme – Capital (FBIS-C).  All applicants must provide a template letter that has been completed by their bank or lending institution before they make an application for grant support. 

More information and the template letter can be found here.


If you have a query or wish to contact us about the Farm Business Improvement Scheme – Capital Scheme, please click here.

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