Cleaning, washing, spraying or coating of waste packaging or containers - paragraph 6 exemption

A Paragraph 6 exemption allows the cleaning, washing, spraying or coating of waste consisting of packaging or containers, for the purpose of reuse.

Waste stream(s) permitted

Waste consisting of packaging or containers.


No more than 1000 tonnes of the waste described above can be treated in any seven day period.

No more than 1 tonne of metal containers used for the transport or storage of any chemical can be dealt with in any seven day period.

Storage and location

Storage must be at the place where the exempted activity is carried on. The total quantity of waste stored must not exceed 1000 tonnes at any one time.

Additional conditions

The waste treated in this exemption must be reused following its treatment.

What the legislation says

The full wording of the paragraph 6 exemption can be found in Schedule 2 of the Waste Management Licensing Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003. 

Relevant Objectives in relation to the disposal or recovery of waste are given in paragraph 4 of Schedule 3 to the Regulations.

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