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The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (Northern Ireland) (DARDNI) has, as its strategic vision, a thriving and sustainable rural community and environment in Northern Ireland.

DARD's strategic vision

To ensure that the Department’s policy and operational activities are appropriately designed and targeted to achieve this vision, it needs sound scientific evidence across the full range of its responsibilities.

The Agricultural Research and Development Scheme (Northern Ireland) 2016 – 2020

The Agricultural Research and Development Scheme (Northern Ireland) 2016 – 2020  will commission and fund research and development activities in the agricultural sector.

DARD Evidence and Innovation Strategy Updated for 2015-17

The DARD Evidence and Innovation Strategy 2009-13 has provided an over-arching framework for all DARD-funded research and development needed to generate the evidence-base for policy development and delivery and also the Department’s contribution to promoting innovation among rural industries in the north.  Whilst the overall framework and the current commissioning process for research and development remain valid, there was a need to refresh the Strategy.  The updating of the Evidence and Innovation Strategy for 2015-17 has now been completed.  This work has been informed by the opinion and views of our stakeholders garnered through responses to on-line questionnaires and in light of research commissioning systems used elsewhere in the UK and Ireland.

The updated Strategy will act as a bridging document between the DARD Evidence and Innovation Strategy 2009-13 and the development of a research and development strategy for the new Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).  The update will provide the framework for funding DARD policy-relevant and industry-relevant research and innovation during the period prior to the establishment of DAERA and for a period of at least 1 year following the establishment of the new Department.  During this period, the research and innovation needs of the new Department will be identified, appraised and formally evaluated so as to be included in the new DAERA Evidence and Innovation Strategy going forward.

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