Collaborative research funding

DAERA’s Science Evidence and Innovation Policy Division has been exploring new mechanisms to enable DAERA to become involved in collaborative research programmes with other government funders.

Collaborative working

The Department recognises the very significant advantages to be gained through a collaborative approach to research for the agri-food sector.  There is consensus across government, science, academia and industry that the greatest challenges facing the agri-food and forestry sectors are best fully understood and then met by means of sharing both knowledge and ideas within manageable consortia.  Furthermore, it is recognised that, collaboration with government funders from other regions and countries, can lever significant additional scientific expertise and research capacity for the benefit of all. 

DAERA is involved in a number of research and development collaborations with other government funders as shown below.

US Ireland Research and Development Partnership

This partnership is a tri-jurisdictional alliance launched in 2006 and expanded in 2015 to include agri-food.  The pilot initiative between DAERA, DAFM and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), US Department of Agriculture has successfully moved into the next phase of work.

DAERA-DAFM co-funded Research and Development

DAERA supports Research Performing Organisations in NI to participate as partners with their counterparts in the Republic of Ireland in joint proposals that will benefit the local rural and agri-food sectors.  

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