You can apply to export milk and milk products following the link below. Here you will find guidance and templates to help you make your application. Please note, where required, exporters should continue to submit their preloading notification/details of planned exports for the coming week via the usual email contact details for example to your local DAERA Regional office.

Before you start

To export milk and milk products please read the guidance below. To begin your application on the DAERA Export Certification Online system (DECOL) you will need to have completed the Export Health Certificate (EHC) application, Exporter Declaration,  Supplementary Statement application(s) (if required) and Schedule (if required) and have any supporting documents ready for upload.

You must use the current version of the EHC, Exporter Declaration and supporting documents, there are links to those below.

Obtaining an EHC

You can obtain the EHC application via the Defra form finder.  Guidance on using the tool is available in the DECOL exporter’s instructions at the link below:

If you need digital help to complete an application for an Export Health Certificate (EHC) please contact your regional DAERA Direct Office for assistance.

Please note the some EHC applications are not available on Form Finder. These are currently available via the link below:

If you need an EHC for one of these countries please download and complete the relevant EHC application for that Country.  Upload this to DECOL via the “Yes-certificate complete and ready to upload” flow.

Exporters should review the Notes for Guidance for each certificate (available via the Defra Form Finder to ascertain if product is eligible for export.  You should also check if you need to obtain import permits or importing authority approvals.  Where needed, these should be obtained from the importing authorities prior to applying for an EHC and uploaded along with all other application documents via DECOL.

Schedule for additional product information

If there is insufficient space on the EHC application to record full product details you need to complete a schedule and submit this with your application.  Do not use if not essential.  The schedule and instructions for completion are available using the link below:

Seals: guidance for remote certification for dairy exports

Dairy exporters should be aware of the procedure that exporters are required to follow for seal numbers that are inserted on Export Health Certificates (EHCs). Seal numbers may need to be removed from EHCs if the required supporting evidence is not provided. Please follow the link below for more detailed guidance.

Supplementary Statements

If you need an accompanying Supplementary Statement(s) you should review the guidance below:

There are six supplementary certificates available to support your dairy export. These are:

These should be completed and uploaded along with your EHC application. Supporting declarations should also be uploaded where required by the importer. These are not official requirements of the importing authorities and are provided only at the exporter`s request.

Further guidance on this process is available via the link below:

Exporter’s declaration

There are 2 Exporter’s declarations, one for export of Raw Milk to ROI and one for all other dairy products.  Please select the appropriate declaration for your exporter using the link below:

Pre loading notification

Please note, exporters may continue to submit preloading notification of exports by email, if requested, to your local DAERA Regional office, to facilitate DAERA management. These are not part of the EHC application so do not submit on DECOL. All technical and consignment specific data should be entered onto DECOL, along with your pdf EHC application, at the earliest opportunity.

Exporting via TRACES - Changes from January 01 2021

Prior to 01 January 2021, if you were exporting certain commodities to Peru, Chile or Ukraine, certification was applied for using a form from TRACES which was then uploaded to DECOL.

Post 01 January 2021, the use of TRACES harmonised EHCs is no longer available to UK exporters.  Alternative arrangements for certification have either been put in place or are in progress through discussions with the countries involved.

Exporters are advised to check Form Finder for the availability of the EHCs for their commodities.  In the event that an EHC is not currently available please contact

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