Arriving in Northern Ireland (Reporting for checks, channelling and post movement assurance)

What happens upon arrival in Northern Ireland and requirements upon arrival at final destination

This page has been published to provide information on the new Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme and the NI Plant Health Label Scheme. Please note that information not related to NIRMS or NIPHL on this page is currently under review.

NIRMS User Pathway - Steps 9-11

Upon arrival in Northern Ireland

Goods moving under the NIRMS must enter through an approved Northern Ireland SPS Inspection Facility and report for inspection if requested.

9. Official Checks on NIRMS Consignments

a.) Identity Checks

Identity checks will be carried out on 10% of NIRMS consignments and will involve a visual inspection of the consignment to verify that the contents and labelling comply with scheme requirements and details contained on the CHED-P, General Certificate and Packing List. See further details on products that can move under the NIRMS. Identity checks will reduce to 8% in October 2024, decreasing further to 5% in July 2025.

b.) Physical Checks

Physical checks will be carried out on a risk and intelligence basis in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2023/1231. “Physical check” means a check on goods and, as appropriate, checks on packaging, the means of transport, labelling and temperature, the sampling for analysis, testing or diagnosis and any other check necessary to verify the nature and extent of any relevant potential risk. 

Requirements upon arrival at final destination in Northern Ireland

10. Completion of Channelling return

The NI destination listed establishment must inform DAERA of the arrival of each consignment of retail goods, via the CHOP system, within 48 hours of arrival, uploading a photograph of the unbroken seal to each CHED. See further guidance on channelling and uploading of the photograph via CHOP.

Businesses that do not notify DAERA or upload a legible seal photograph will be investigated. 

Non-compliant traders will be subject to increased frequency of checks on arrival in NI in addition to  further establishment of destination checks.

11. Post Movement Assurance

In market checks will be completed on a random and risk basis across NI traders and listed establishments to ensure compliance with rules as laid out in Regulation (EU) 2023/1231 in relation to the movement of retail goods into NI from Great Britain. Establishment checks will focus on labelling at individual, package, box, shelf and store level for NIRMS goods. A review of the entry documentation accompanying those consignments will also be included. 

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