Sanitary and Phytosanitary checks – advice for businesses moving consignments from GB

While DAERA currently carry out sanitary and phytosanitary inspections, there will be additional checks and marketing standards requirements on consignments arriving in Northern Ireland from GB.

If your consignment is subject to an inspection on arrival in Northern Ireland, to assist with the inspection process, businesses are advised of the following:

1. Check the commodity codes of your consignment in advance

The recommendation is that businesses, in advance, check commodity codes and the EU’s requirements for the % goods requiring physical inspection for consignments moving from GB to Northern Ireland and where subject to higher levels of physical inspection at SPS Inspection Facilities, consider grouping consignments to minimise the routing of vehicles to the SPS inspection facility and possible delays.

2. Place consignments subject to inspection in easy to reach locations

As well considering amendment of business model to group consignments, it is useful if businesses can place consignments that might be subject to physical inspection closer to the door of a lorry or container, for example, so it is easily accessible on arrival.

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