Prior to moving NIRMS eligible goods to Northern Ireland

What you must do prior to moving eligible goods to Northern Ireland under NIRMS.

Information on Product Eligibility under NIRMS

Prior to moving goods to Northern Ireland under the NIRMS

NIRMS User Pathway - Steps 4-6

4. Seal Consignments

a.) All consignments must be sealed with a uniquely numbered seal compliant with UK official standards at the point of departure.  The seal number must be recorded on the CHED and General Certificate. See NIRMS how to register and seal consignments guidance

b.) A seal integrity check on all NIRMS consignments will take place at GB port of departure, verifying and reconciling seal details with records submitted on CHED and General Certificate.

Updated Seal Checking requirements at Heysham Port (March 2024)

5. General Certificate and Packing List Creation

The GB retailer will create the General Certificate and Packing List and provide them to the NI Trader.

See guidance on obtaining and completing a General Certificate and Packing List.

Model general certificate - Part 1
Model general certificate - Part 1

Model general certificate - Part 2
Model general certificate - Part 2

6. CHED-P Creation

At least 4 hours in advance of moving eligible goods into NI under NIRMS arrangements, NI traders must create a Common Health Entry Document for Products of Animal Origin (CHED-P) on TRACES NT. This will pre-notify the relevant DAERA SPS Inspection Facilities of arrival of the consignment.

See guidance on completion of the CHED-P

During  creation of the CHED-P you must complete these fields for the NIRMS:

  • I.1/I.6 Consignor/Consignee: NIRMS registered business name with associated NIRMS number
  • I.3 Local Reference: Retail or Groupage
  • I.4 Border Control Post: Name of NI SPS Inspection Facility
  • I.7 Place of Destination: NIRMS registered establishment with associated NIRMS number
  • I.9 Accompanying Documents: Type: Other, Number: GC number
  • I.10 Prior Notification: Estimated time of arrival at the SPS Inspection Facility
  • I.13 Means of Transport: Trailer number
  • I.14 Country of dispatch: UK
  • I.16 Transport conditions: Chilled/Ambient/Frozen
  • I.17 Container No./Seal No.
  • I.18 Certified as or for: Local use
  • I.19 Conformity of the goods: Conforms/Does not conform
  • I.23 Purpose: For internal market
  • I.31 Description of consignment: 9930
  • I.32 Total number of packages
  • I.34 Total Net Weight and Total Gross Weight

When completing the NIRMS CHED-P and prior to submission, a copy of the General Certificate and Packing List should be attached and uploaded to TRACES NT.

Prior to arrival in Northern Ireland

NIRMS User Pathway - Steps 7-8

7. Documentary Checks

All NIRMS consignments will receive remote documentary checks confirming the consignment is accompanied by a General Certificate and Packing List and the information contained within the CHED is aligned with that on the General Certificate.

8. NI Trader checks requirement to report to SPS Inspection Facilities via GVMS Portal

DAERA are now using the Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS) to notify traders of the requirement to report to SPS Inspection facilities.

All traders must check the status of their GMR in advance of disembarkation, to confirm if reporting for inspection is required.

Read further guidance.

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This page has been published to provide information on the new Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme and the NI Plant Health Label Scheme. Please note that information not related to NIRMS or NIPHL on this page is currently under review.

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