Timescales for Pre notifying arrival of goods – Q&A

Questions and answers related to timescales for pre notifying arrival of goods.

What are the legislative requirements in respect of pre-notifying  consignments moving from GB to NI?

EU Regulation 2019/1013 Article 1(1) states that an operator moving animals and products must provide pre notification of that move at least one working day (i.e. 24 hours) prior to the expected arrival of the consignment.  Article 1(2) of that regulation provides a derogation for consignments “where logistical constraints prevent compliance” with the 24 hour time limit to allow a period of pre-notification of at least 4 hours prior to the expected arrival of the consignment.

What types of consignments are eligible for the 4 hour notification period for moves from GB-NI?

There is no specific list of consignments that are considered eligible for the shorter notification period.  It is in the best interests of the operator to provide as close to 24 hours pre-notification of a consignment as possible as this facilitates a timely check of the paperwork whilst  the goods are still in transit meaning that, where there are no issues with the relevant CHED it is unlikely that the consignment will encounter delays at the SPS Inspection Facilities.

The legislative guidance provides a timeframe for pre-notification as opposed to two absolutes i.e. 24 hours or 4 hours.  Therefore it is advisable you pre-notify the consignments as close to 24 hour in advance as possible as this will provide more opportunity for the electronic documentary check to be carried out thus reducing delays at the SPS Inspection Facilities. 

The exclusion to this is in respect of the pre-notification of live animals covered by this requirement, such as livestock.  In these cases prior notification of 24 hours is required to enable sufficient time for the required documentary checks to be completed.  It is worth noting that pre-notification of live animals from GB to NI has always been a requirement where an application for an import licence required 10 days’ notice. Therefore pre-notification for such moves is not new and as such we do not consider it should cause any additional burden to the importer.

What other advice can you provide to help me create the necessary CHED more quickly to enable me to give sufficient pre-notification?

We are presently reviewing the TRACES NT system to develop additional guidance to support businesses in completing CHEDs and  assist them in making the notifications as soon as possible.  


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