DAERA Guidance for the Collection and Movement of SPS Goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland through Groupage

Please note that separate Groupage information for movements under the Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme (NIRMS) is available in the 'More information' section at the bottom of this page.

DAERA and DEFRA have worked with industry to assist them in the development of new processes to aid the movement of mixed consignments (groupage) of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) products from Great Britain (GB) to Northern Ireland (NI). Defra has published a high-level overview of logistics hubs. The Introductory guidance for the establishment and operation of Agri-Food Logistics Hubs sets out key information covering the potential role, function and establishment of logistics hubs. It is aimed at exporters who use hubs, and also at logistics companies which may want to become a hub. It explains what a logistics hub is and the services it can provide, who is involved in hubs, and how hubs can help the certification process. It also outlines operational considerations in the setting up of a hub covering location, infrastructure and resources.

Image of lorry with well-packed pallets of stacked goods SPS goods include:

  • Products of animal Origin (POAO);
  • Plants and Plant Products;
  • Food and Feed of non-animal products; and
  • High Risk Food of non-animal origin (HRFNAO).

DAERA recognises that moving SPS goods via groupage from GB to NI presents industry with a number of logistical challenges including multiple and varied collection points. To help mitigate these challenges, DAERA in conjunction with DEFRA and industry have developed three separate delivery models (Linear, Consolidation Hub and Hybrid).

DAERA has published guidance which provides;

  • an overview of the documentary, identity and physical checks required on all SPS eligible goods;
  • sets out details of each of the delivery models for groupage;
  • contains practical advice on the steps that can be taken to ensure compliance and;
  • helpful tips for sealing and loading groupage consignments.

Cover image of DAERA Guidance for the Collection and Movement of SPS Goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland through Groupage Following this guidance will help to ensure that DAERA can complete the requisite SPS checks on groupage consignments as quickly as possible, thereby minimising the risk of delay at NI Points of Entry (POEs). However, it does not negate the need for consignments to be presented at the NI POE for an identity inspection, or a risk based physical inspection should they be selected.

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