Information about registering for NIRMS, CHOP and TRACES NT.

This page has been published to provide information on the new Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme and the NI Plant Health Label Scheme. Please note that information not related to NIRMS or NIPHL on this page is currently under review.

NIRMS User Pathway - Steps 1-3

1.NIRMS Registration is a straightforward online process with traders needing to provide:

  • their type of business
  • departure and arrival establishments in both Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • a UK Food Business Operator registration number (if applicable)
  • contact information.

Businesses in Great Britain can register establishments in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Businesses in Northern Ireland can only register establishments in Northern Ireland.

Please see Defra’s guidance: Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme: how to register and seal consignments

2. Common Health Entry Document Operator (CHOP) Registration

CHOP is a DAERA bespoke database designed specifically for the benefit of NI Traders to ease the movement of SPS goods between GB and NI.

Registration for CHOP is required for completion of NIRMS channelling requirements. See guidance on CHOP registration process.

3. TRACES NT Registration

Before moving eligible goods into NI under the NIRMS, traders will need to register with the European Commission’s online platform for Sanitary and Phytosanitary certification, TRACES NT and pre-notify DAERA of the movement through the creation of a Common Health Entry Document, at least four hours before the goods arrive in NI.

See step-by-step guide to getting started on TRACES NT.

Specific queries should be forwarded to:

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